Sixty years of experience in the development of phosphate ore

Following many years of raw phosphate exporting, the Tunisian government undertook to process phosphate ore and to exploit it in a more profitable   oriented way. 

This brought to the creation of a domestic industry for phosphoric acid and fertilizer production, eventually resulting in the Groupe Chimique Tunisien (GCT), which is the result of the merger and absorption of some five companies occurring between 1952 and 1992 as indicated in the following table :


Startup   of TSP plant in SFAX under the name of SIAPE


Startup of Acid (MGA) plant in GABES under the name of ICM


Startup of the DAP  plant in GABES under the name of SAEPA


Startup of the AN  plant by SAEPA


Startup of ENGRAIS DE GABES (EG) for the production of DAP in GABES
Creation of Industrie Chimique de GAFSA (ICG) for TSP production at M'DHILLA


Creation of the SKHIRA plant for the production of Phosphoric Acid and MGA


Absorption of ICM, EG and ICG by SIAPE


Merger of SIAPE and SAEPA and creation therefore of GCT


Merger of Chairmanship of CPG and GCT by appointing a single common Chairman and General Manager


Merger of commercial structures of CPG and GCT.

This merger has enabled the phosphate sector to assume an outstanding place in the Tunisian economy by providing direct employment for about 4300 people and by trade balancing. Indirect employment profited equally in as much as rail and sea transport and subcontracting were boosted.

The industrial facilities described above have contributed in a considerable way in the promotion and development of southern Tunisia. Concurrently with the development of this industry and in order to go along the strictest national and international regulations in the field of environment protection, GCT has launched a vast program against pollution within all its production sites in order to contain atmospheric and solid wastes.

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